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How to work with designers

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Part of my job – and this is actually a part that I enjoy – is educating clients. Dream clients are few and far between, and they only become that way after they have worked with professional designers. So, to all clients out there, here are some helpful tips when dealing with a web project.

Show your designer you value them by understanding that a professional designer always designs to the needs of the customer, and does not sell ready-made templates.

Read the full article here:

"... a good website is supposed to be 1/3 art, 1/3 business, and 1/3 science" – so don't tell designers you want a flashy website when you have no business having one (and you can listen when they tell you that you don't need one).

"... the project you’re working on is not supposed to satisfy internal stakeholders-it is supposed to satisfy end users" – so don't say that the CEO wants this and wants that. Listen when your designer tells you that your customer wants this and wants that.

"Don’t expect visitors to wander for hours trying to navigate your website" – so don't ask for something "innovative" or something no one has seen before. Even modern art websites follow a certain navigational structure.

"... lift your brand awareness a step higher, and to offer informative content for novice users" – so don't say that your copy or content does not matter, and you only want a fancy design. Customers stay for the content, and they buy into the content.

On responsive design: "Don’t fool yourself that migrating is easy... They must keep an eye on how every element is performing, and to consider all mobile forms and devices to develop a successful migration strategy." – so don't expect to get (or pay for) a desktop design and assume the mobile design is just a click away. Two separate designs must always be made (including all the sub pages), so remember to give adequate time and budget.

This sums it up:

"As a good designer, you need to predict human behavior, and to accommodate functions in accordance with it. There is much more to a beautiful website than its appearance."

Trust your (professional) designer.

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